Lignite Mine With Power Plant Behind
Horno, Germany
Behind the overburden bridge, the combustion pollutants,
which are ducted in to the cooling towers with the boiler exhaust,
separate from the slowly rising steam.

2014 Releases as per European Environmental Agency
Carbon dioxide (CO2)      24200000 t
Arsenic      114 kg
Chromium (as Cr)      249 kg
Copper (as Cu)      640 kg
Mercury (as Hg)      501 kg
Nickel (as Ni)      529 kg
Lead (as Pb)      849 kg
Particulate matter (PM10)      607 t
Nitrogen oxides (NOx/NO2)      19500 t
Sulphur oxides (SOx/SO2)      20900 t
Chlorine(as HCl)      87.3 t
Nitrous oxide (N2O)      299 t
Carbon dioxide (CO2)      24500000 t
Carbon monoxide (CO)      13500 t